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If you are one of those professionals, who is constantly looking foropportunities to add value for your customers at every step you make, we are glad to meet you here. SPECIALIST+ is all about creating best experience for end user, while meeting dealer demands.

Often we keen to overpay for quality products of well-known brands, fearing to purchase a low-quality fake, that has appearance, but no functionality. Our mission is to change this game the other way around. We believe there is a way to purchase a high quality and
honestly priced product every time.

This is what you get by choosing SPECIALIST+


  • Large part of our product range is made in best European factories. We manufacture in Far East only those products that traditionally are not manufactured in Europe.


  • Trendy looking, stand-out packaging.
  • Display solutions for retail.
  • All possible marketing support from videos on the net to flyers that customer actually pays attention to.
  • You get every possible bit of brand image that biggest industry names offer.


  • We are experts in a field, where big names usually fail dramatically.
  • Order fulfilment rate is 96% and up.
  • Order fulfilment is up to 24 hours.
  • We offer a unique  supply management in your warehouse. System is based on theory of constraints and dynamic buffer concept. 
  • Automatically made orders on demand keep supply chain efficiency on it’s max.
  • We offer Electronical Document Interexchange module that is absolutely a must for any efficient e-shop on the globe.
  • Considering all the above, here is the sweet part:


  • We are highly competitive on retail shelves yet we always keep in mind, our dealer has to be fully satisfied also.

If you feel we share the same values and seek similar goals, please, contact us no matter what kind of business you are in: wholesales, retail, industry or e-commerce, we will have experience to share and business to make. There is no doubt of that.

Looking forward