Pleasure working as a team

What connects us to motor buggy sports? Well, quite a lot actually! Buggy team members could not achieve high results without each other’s help and efforts. The same applies to our company: new products and innovations are created by the efforts of the entire team. That is why we are the official sponsor of the Specialist+ Racing Team.

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One of the strongest SSV buggy teams in Lithuania, which also collects titles outside the country. SSV buggy team consists of the racer Dalius Olechnavičius and co-driver Aidas Bubinas, who took prizes in: Rallye Breslau, motor class, Lithuanian Baja Perimetras, SSV class, etc. Nerimantas Jucius, a motorcyclist, a professional motocross/enduro racer and winner of the FIM Europe Cross Country 2021, will join the team in 2022 season.

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